A brand new Data Center for your business.

We have solutions for all customers. When the requirement is small we provide a rack in a shared environment. Where the requirement is larger we can offer a cage or even a room. According to the power requirements racks can be placed within closed cold/hot aisle.
RACK rack
The Rack service (cabinet of 42U to 47U) involves the leased space for the housing of the customer's equipment in our data center.

CE Colo guarantees that the customer's equipment will be housed in a climate-controlled environment, which is subject to the most stringent security and fire protection measures and which has an uninterrupted redundant power supply.

The customer has physical access to the equipment 24/7/365. Our data centers guarantee the ability to connect to the internet through the different available international backbone networks/providers.
CAGE cage
Cage offers an extra layer of security to customers’ equipment placed in the premises of a data center. It is a cage in air-conditioned environments, which ensures increased security measures and provides uninterrupted redundant power supply. The customer has 24/7/365 physical access to the cage. Entry into the cage can be secured by Biometric fingerprint.
PRIVATE ROOM private_room
Private room service offers our customers a dedicated room with its own fire safety zone, dedicated PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and CRAC units (Computer Room Air Conditioning). It ensures the highest level of security to a given customer.


CE Colo offers all its customers the opportunity to use our 24/7/365 Remote Hands Service. This service allows our customers to complete basic tasks remotely within their own space by using our professional engineers.
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Visual verification to assist remote
    troubleshooting efforts
  • Power reboots
  • Diagnostic and signal testing for cross connection circuits
  • Moving or securing cables, patching
  • Inventorying/Labeling equipment
  • Relaying status of equipment, status indicators
  • Typing simple commands on a pre-installed customer-owned console
  • Installing, replacing/removing hot swappable or modular equipment components (e.g. tapes, router/switch, internal module or card, disk drive, memory, etc.)
  • Assisting customer with physically installation, relocation, or movement of equipment


CE Colo are constantly expanding their large Telco/Carrier availability in all our sites, which provides you as a customer more options in ordering a service suited to your needs in the best possible environment.

The most important peering points within the CE region are hosted with us saving customers’ money on their IP transit. PLIX, BIX, NIX and RONIX are good examples of exchanges in our data centers. Besides that we can offer connections to the DECIX, VIX and many other exchanges via the many operators in our locations.

Through our local knowledge and experience we can help our customers should they require assistance or supplies to support them. We can provide a list of recommended installers, vendors and specialist suppliers that provide competitive pricing and reliable delivery times.

CIOMIS – Colocation Internal Optical and Metallic Interconnection Service.

CE Colo can deliver any fiber or copper connection to customers’ space via our dedicated central patch rooms, either redundantly or single routed from our carriers/telco operators or other customers. We understand that besides power, cooling, resilience and quality, our customers need the same quality for connectivity. This is why all cabling installed by CE Colo or its preferred partners is tested before being put to use. Our cabling manufacturers have regular quality control audits on site to ensure their quality products are installed and operating correctly, allowing us to guarantee the products and installation.


Office space - we offer (furnished) office space to our customers that need to house permanent staff on site.
Storage space - all customers can make use of our temporary storage space to have their goods delivered prior to installment. In case our customers need storage space for a longer period, we can provide permanent storage space as well.
Parking space - there are parking spaces available for customers. In some cases it is possible to have dedicated reserved parking spaces for individual customers.
Roof space - where possible, we offer roof space to our customers for antennas and dishes to send and receive.
Reservation Space (colocation) - it is not always possible to predict your short term growth. We therefore offer our customers to reserve additional space in the data center. This way you do not have to take more space than you need on day one and at the same time keep the flexibility to upscale if needed with the assurance that all your space is in the same area.
Data cabling - CE Colo is able to assist in all your cabling requirements between your own racks as well as to other customers. Our engineers have a broad experience working with large cabling requirements including testing and labeling both with fiber, copper and UTP.


Standard Annexes to the Agreement valid for customers unless other conditions are agreed