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New Datacenter available
Modern site, state-of-the-art data center technology and service. This all characterizes our new data center „DC7".

Its architecture is designed to resist even the most serious technical incidents without any influence of availability of the Customer services.
The new DC7 is certified according to high international standards for data centers, among others for example TIER 3 (ANSI / TIA-942).

The new data center thus provides one of the highest levels of warranties with
99,999 % availability.


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DC7 FLOORPLAN 2x (350 sqm x 4)

Total land of DC7 area consists of 25 thousands sqm, the IT Infrastructure consists of 2,8 thousands sqm and the entire premises including supporting technology and office building consists of 9 thousands sqm.

The data center is also divided into three zones: administrative, technological, IT customer rooms.
By dividing the data center into three zones, greater physical and technological security is ensured and all zones are logically separated from each other. A concrete DC part is always accessible only to authorized persons.

All this allows our designed modern campus with the latest technology.
DC7 Floorplan


Effective operations

In addition to the technology and services offered, the data center is an importantindicator of energy efficiency. This is associated with the Power Usage Effectiveness PUE developed by The Green Grid.

The PUE is an indicator of how much of the total consumed energy is directly used by IT equipment and what part take the support systems. Based on the PUE value, we can determine how effective the data center is overall.

The new DC7 data center has a very low PUE value comparable to the best world DCs. DC efficiency is one of a key parameter for us also because of its major environmental impact.

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The Czech Republic, with its location in the middle of Europe, is an attractive destination for many foreign entities that need to deploy their IT infrastructure across continents.
Customers can choose from the reliable services we provide on the site through our current customers, local and international operators. The key product is the lease of technological premises with a suitable microclimate for IT infrastructure and housing.
Customers can also choose from additional portfolio of data center services under one roof. These are for example renting of storage and office space, disaster recovery (DR) premises, testing rooms, roof rentals, remote hands and connectivity services.


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