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CE Colo Czech s.r.o.
Nad Elektrárnou 1428/47, 106 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic
Registration number: 241 97 327
VAT number: CZ24197327
administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry 187768

Tel.: +420 255 790 307
Data box ID: pj279i9
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Jan Sraga Jan Šraga
After a short-term IS/IT experience (databases, data-warehouses) in building industry Jan Šraga began his career in telecommunication business in 2001 with GTS. He started in Product & Marketing department from where he moved to the Finance division after two years. He first worked as a Planning and Controlling Director with responsibility for budgeting and financial reporting. Jan Šraga was also a member of several Due Diligence teams during the process of various GTS’s acquisitions such as Aliatel, Telenor, Nextra, Contactel and Sitel Data Center. Currently Jan Šraga is Managing Director at CE Colo Czech s.r.o., which he joined in December 2010 as CFO.
Lubos Pinkava Lubomír Pinkava
Operation Director
Luboš Pinkava joined CE Colo team in May, 2014. He has been working on several technology/management positions in a telco industry focusing on hi-speed networks, datacenters, active security and cloud since 2002. He has broad experience in modern technologies, mission-critical services and customer projects design and support. In CE Colo company Luboš is responsible for continuous operations and further company development.


Tomáš Hanzl Tomáš Hanzl
Business consultant,
Tomáš Hanzl had started his professional career at financial markets, but then he decided to join the exciting world of telecommunication and ICT. For 20 years he worked for many telecommunication companies such as Aliatel, GTS Czech and T-mobile, where he as a consultant supported colleagues from B2B sales team. At this position he was involved in large telco and ICT projects for B2B customers.
Jan Vorka Václav Špirek
Business Consultant,
Václav Špirek started his professional career in 2011, after his university studies. He firstly worked in energy selling company. After this work experience he joined several telecommunication companies such as Newtel, GTS Czech or O2 where he tried a various sales positions. During that time Václav gained experiences with selling telecommunication services (fix data line, fix voice and GSM) and also with customer`s individual ICT solutions (cloud services etc.)
In CE Colo Václav is taking care about its customers, their growth and satisfaction.