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Main networking node in CE region with highest service level

CE Colo is a leading provider of state-of-the-art carrier neutral data center services in Central Europe.

Our data center provides secure and connected environments where customers connect, house and distribute mission-critical data, web content and media.
CE Colo was established by aquisition of Sitel Data Center (SDC) by GTS group in January 2011 and is now a part of global DTAG group.

CE Colo is focused on providing its customers the data center infrastructure needed to grow their businesses and that is also why we are running a brand new site to be able to provide enough capacity for customers’ requirements.


Our mission is to provide top quality technological DC infrastructure. We focus on
main critical infrastructure such uninterruptible power, cooling and complex security.

We have solutions for all customers. For entry level service we can provide a rack or its part in a shared area. Where the requirement gets larger, we can offer a cage or even a room.

Standard colocation space is (sub)rack, cage (tens of sqm) or customer room (hundreds of sqm).


CE Colo is constantly expanding its large Telco/Carrier availability on-site, which provides you as a customer more options in ordering a service suited to your needs in the best possible environment.

The most important peering points within the CE region are hosted or at least reachable with us, saving customers’ money on their IP transit. Local exchanges like NIX.CZ and Peering.cz are available and there is always a possiblity to use remote IX services offered by many operators in our location.


CE Colo offers all its customers the opportunity to use our 24/7/365 Remote Hands Service (RHS). The RHS offers generic Rapid Response and Pre Scheduled Work services for Customers in CE Colo Data Center.

This service allows our customers to complete basic tasks remotely within their own space by using our professional engineers.


CE Colo data centers meet the highest security and stability requirements as defined by the Uptime Institute and TIA-942 on the level of Concurrently Maintainable standard.
The power availability of electricity is one of the most important parts of a data center. CE Colo data center is protected against failure of the electric utility power grid by UPS systems and diesel gensets. This power protection enables us to guarantee industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed up by a strong Service Performance Guarantees (SPGs).
24/7/365 monitoring of the data center (both inside the building and its surroundings) via a modern CCTV system.

Continuous protection of the facility by uniformed guards, ACS and ESS.
In CE Colo data center we use a combination of fully-redundant chilled-water and DX cooling systems. The customers’ racks are built in systems of cold and hot aisles which enables us to cool higher density racks (up to 20 kW) using traditional cooling methods.
There is no control without monitoring, therefore we periodicaly monitor every technological variable as well as guaranteed enviroment in our DataCenter. All operational information are available for our 24/7 DC control team for immediate corrective intervention.
  How it started
CE Colo was established through acquisition of Sitel Data Center (SDC) in January 2011.

The main building of the Data Center was designed in 1999, construction of the data center was completed with ceremonial opening of the data center in 2001.
  Mission Statement
To offer to our customers state-of-the art Data Center in the CE region, ensuring the highest level of quality and services.
We are influencing our enviroment as little as possible. We always use the best energy efficient technologies, recycle all waste and you can even plug-in your EV here :)
  The Vision
To be a recognized as the leader in data center services in the CE region, creating shareholder value and being a fun place to work at.
CE Colo do continuously investments in the latest technologies and 2N or N+1 infrastructure to provide customers with security and stability.
CE Colo is part of Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest global carriers with resources across CEE.


"like the way things are being done in our company"
Quality policy

Our focus is to continue to deliver our customers state-of-the art data center in the CE region, ensuring the highest level of quality and services, while exceeding customers’ expectations.

We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

All of our company employees endeavor to attain the maximum quality and to find every opportunity which will lead to their creativity, resourcefulness and initiative being full utilised in order to improve quality. This requires considerable specialist abilities, professionalism and the complete day-to-day commitment of all of our employees.

Ensuring the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business can only be achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail, flexibility, service-minded attitudes, innovation and green technology. Improving quality is one of the key areas for our owners and will contribute to increasing value of the company and their investment in it.

Environmental policy

As one of the largest and most important data center providers in the region we are endeavoring to preserve the environment and increase the level of its protection, with the aim of supporting permanently sustainable development. Improvements on power efficiency and investigations on alternative green power sources are examples of ongoing development in improving our environmental responsibilities.

Environment and its protection is one of our priorities. All employees of our company carry out their work with regard to the environment to the maximum extent possible to limit the negative impacts of these activities. We are committed to continuously improve care for the living and working environment, especially in the areas of air, soil and water as all these impact nature as a whole.

We provide regular training of employees in the field of environmental protection and spread awareness of its focus on protecting the environment, not only between employees but also among our suppliers, partners and customers.

Security policy and integrated management system

We ensure a high level of information security by adequate information protection, building an information security system and using the latest information technologies. We ensure the protection of information by complying with the contractual conditions agreed with our customers.

From the point of view of the company's management, the most important function of the implemented ISMS is to ensure the continuity of the company's operations and prevent losses (material and moral) caused by loss, damage or compromise of information and information assets necessary for the implementation of company contracts.

With respect to integrated management system, we will pay attention to be compliant with all applicable legal requirements, requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) a ISO 14 001:2015 (EMS).

Continuous improvement of services and also the effectiveness of an integrated management system is a commitment that we have in mind in all activities that are taking place in the company.

This policy is included in all processes and decisions of the company regarding pruduct and service quality, information security and environment protection. This policy is publicly presented and obligatory for all employees of CE Colo company.


Visit our Virtual Tour, where we will show you the Data Center site including rooms of supporting technologies, customer rooms, terraces and collectors. In case of your interest, we will be happy to see you on site and to show you CE Co Data Center.

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