The power availability of electricity is one of the most important parts of a data center and therefore is protected against the failure of electric utility power grid by diesel generators and UPS systems.

The power configuration for the customers’ room, cage, cabinet or rack of equipment depends on respective customers’ requirements. We can supply both AC/DC power with a required redundancy up to 2N+1.
The basic options we supply are:
  • AC 230 volts or 400 volts (16Aps standard, 32 or 63 Amp upon request)
  • DC Voltage: 48 Volt DC available A/B
Our GenSets can operate in an uninterrupted fashion for at least 24 hours without refueling. We also have emergency refueling contract in place with goverment owned ČEPRO company and we are also part of critical infrastructure in case of a crisis.


Our customers require and expect the highest level of security for their technologies and it is our mission to fulfill these expectations.

CE Colo data center is therefore characterized by several layers of security both physical and non physical. Through proven processes and procedures we run our data center in day to day operations.
  • Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of the data center premisses by CCTV system
  • Specially trained uniformed guards on duty with an ESS (Electronic Security System) support
  • Separation of the facility into security zones through which movement is controlled using an electronic access-control system
  • Security procedures for any data center operational scenarios
  • Central gas suppression system – Inergen gas + local FM200
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm Systems)


In CE Colo data center we use a combination of fully-redundant water-based and DX cooling systems. The customers’ cabinets (racks) are built in systems of cold and hot aisles which enables us to cool higher density racks up to 20kW.
CE Colo data center benefit from “free-cooling” system which provides green energy when the external temperatures fall below a certain level.


Access to the data center is controlled and logged. There are several layers of access. Customers’ employees who visit our data center on a regular basis receive a permanent access badge. Each customer assigns one or more employees the ability to authorize access for individuals that may need to enter a CE Colo data center occasionally. When entering data center, each visitor’s identity is verified by CE Colo staff.
The movement of visitors is monitored by security cameras and access control systems (magnetic cards or biometric readers). CCTV monitors are placed at all entrances, doors and open spaces in the data center. Camera recordings are maintained up to 30 days.
An alarm system is activated in the event of a security breach and it is linked to the central control room.